The partners of Ashlar Capital have completed more than $1 billion in private company investments. 


We maintain a concentrated portfolio of investments to ensure maximum value creation through intensive, hands-on support of company management teams.


Pivotal Healthcare Partners

Pivotal Healthcare Partners is a physician practice management company headquartered in North Florida. Together, the Company's affiliated practices constitute one the largest providers of inpatient and outpatient vascular, cardiac and venous interventions in the U.S. 

Headquarters:  Jacksonville, FL

US Digestive Health

US Digestive Health is a gastroenterology physician practice management company that manages clinical offices and ambulatory surgical centers across Pennsylvania. The affiliated practices provide gastroenterology care and have ancillary service lines including endoscopy centers, infusion, pathology, anesthesia and clinical research.

Headquarters: Exton, PA



MSC Biomedical Holdings

MSC Biomedical Holdings is a national provider of comprehensive biomedical equipment warranty and OEM-agnostic non-warranty services, repairs, maintenance, testing and compliance solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities, home medical equipment providers and medical equipment management companies.

Headquarters: Forth Worth, TX

Epix Healthcare Associates

Epix Healthcare Associates is national provider of outsourced clinical services to healthcare facilities.  Epix was founded with a mission to align incentives among all stakeholders while enabling the provision of high-quality and cost-effective clinical services.

Headquarters:  Nashville, TN and Roswell, GA


PhySynergy is a leading provider of anesthesia and hospital medicine services to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. PhySynergy-led physician groups achieve the highest standards of patient care, clinical excellence, practice culture and efficiency.

Headquarters: Huntsville, AL